Not Mindfulness, Kindfulness

I can’t remember the last time I saw a photo of myself without a cellphone in it.  I feel naked without it nearby.  I also can’t remember a time where I gave my full attention to someone without glancing over at my phone when it dinged.  I’m a slave to this thing.

For some it’s not a phone that’s the distraction.  Many of us live in a “what’s next” mindset.  What are we doing today?  Where are we going?  Quick, let’s take pictures and post them and see how many people like this.

I like “likes”


I’m guilty of this.  I am ADDICTED to likes.  

As we focus inward on our lives, and how many people like and approve of what we’re doing, something crucial is getting lost.


I’m reading an awful lot about mindfulness these days.  I’ve tried it.  My anxious mind always circles around and around.  Replacing the “M” with a “K” gave me far better results, though:  KINDFULNESS

Instead of distracting myself with social media, I tried distracting myself with action.  I looked at my text message and email inbox and scrolled down.  Who haven’t I heard from in a while?  Who amongst my friends and acquaintances has struggled a bit?  I send one email or text a day, asking the person how they’re doing or wishing them a gentle and happy day.

This takes the focus off me, myself and I and puts it where it could actually be of some use: making someone’s day just a bit happier.  Facebook and Instagram rarely show the reality of someone’s life; it’s the “Front Page” of the things they want you to see.  There is all kinds of drama going on behind the scenes and a personal note may just make someone’s reality a little happier.

2 Replies to “Not Mindfulness, Kindfulness”

  1. How do I ‘like’ this post. It’s perfect. Great suggestion about scrolling through the Inbox and re-connecting with someone.

    1. Thank you! I love reading your comments. At first, finding a good deed to do every day was just part of my therapy. It becomes addictive quickly.

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