Quick Hits of Kindness – Part Three

  1. While sitting around the table, give each member of your family a blank piece of paper and ask them to write their name at the bottom of the page.  Each person passes their paper to the person on their right.   Instruct everyone to write down what they like, love and/or admire about the person named below. Once finished, fold the paper so the next person can’t see the comment.  Keep passing the paper around until it returns to it’s owner.
  2. Consider buying a box of tissues or a couple of erasable markers for your child’s teacher.  I’m shocked at how many teachers use their own money for supplies.  How weird would it be if I had to buy my own printer toner or embalming fluid?
  3. Consider bringing a plastic bag on a neighbourhood or forest walk to collect the garbage no longer hidden by mounds of snow.  (exercise caution, as always, my friends!).
  4. When I was little, mail was delivered directly to the house so we knew who the letter carrier was.  It gave my parents an opportunity to say thank you and to remember him at Christmas. Now that we have a community mail box, I have no idea who is delivering the mail each and every day.  I taped a thank-you note to the back of the box (where they open it), hoping it will make their day a bit brighter.  I think next time, I’ll include a five dollar Timmies gift card.

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