Quick Hits of Kindness – March Break Edition

Whew!  Anyone else a bit tired after a busy March Break?  Let’s keep it super easy this week:

  1. Find a small, locally owned store and go in.  I found the most beautiful little shop in town here.  Her candles smell incredible, and don’t have any (insert harmful chemical names here).  HomeSense has taken enough of my money – time to support a local business (FYI – it’s here in Bolton, called East of Fifty).
  2. I have completely fallen in love with my local library.  It has x-box games and all the new Oscar winning movies.  There is one particular librarian who is always friendly and has amazing suggestions for new books.  I’m going to bring her a box of Timbits today with a thank you note.
  3. Spend ten minutes alone with each of your children this weekend, asking them what they liked about their march break.  If you have more than one child, also ask them to name one thing they like about their sibling.
  4. Has anyone else enjoyed their commute a bit more this week?  Quieter roads were such a treat.  Monday morning gridlock will be upon us again in a couple of days, so consider filling up your spouse’s car with gas on Sunday night (and do a quick car tidy-up while you’re there).

Have a sun-filled, happy, gentle weekend everyone!

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