Kindness for Kids

Our nine year old inherited my toxic sensitivity.  It will be both his greatest strength and his greatest weakness.  Still, it amazes me how he can leave an old glass of milk fermenting in his room for days but the *second* our dog appears at the door he has to let her in so she won’t feel lonely.

In order to keep this post from devolving into a “kids, amirite?” rant, here are some things they can do to be kind, right from the horse’s mouth:

  1. If someone is all alone at e-break, tell them that they can play with you.
  2. If someone is crying, say “are you ok?”.
  3. If someone breaks your fidget cube say “that’s ok”.
  4. Say good morning to your teacher even if you wanted to stay at home.
  5. If someone is mean to you say “whatever” and walk away.

My suggestions of “what about cleaning your room”  and “wiping the sink down” were met with “nah”.

Have a safe and gentle weekend everyone!


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