Quick Hits of Kindness After a Rough Week

Not every day is a halo-glowing, rainbows-out-my-ass day around here. Hormone related insomnia derails me every month and it makes me aware just how much my stability rests on a good night’s sleep.  I struggled with a short fuse, body aches and a general feeling of fuckitall-ness.  Weeks like this demand kindness to ourselves.  This is what helps me:

  1. Write down three things that are bothering you. I find once they are on paper, I can a) see how insignificant they are or b) start a plan of action to deal with them.  The mind should come with a warning like the ones on rearview mirrors: “Problems In Brain Seem Larger Than They Actually Are”.  Follow this up immediately with a list of three things that are going well, things you’re grateful for or things that went well this week.  This is a mindfullness exercise for people like me who can’t easily sit quietly with their thoughts.
  2. Go for a brisk walk.  I took my son and his friends on a “quick hike”.  This little stroll found us lost on a trail in the forest for over an hour.  We were so deep in the woods I couldn’t get cell service to GPS our location.  It was noon, so checking the sun’s position…oh who am I kidding? Please.  I only paid attention in Girl Guides when we were doing crafts.  We were lost.  I had three children and a dog with me.  We followed a trail and found our way out, after a steep hike up a hill and a five kilometer walk back home on the roads.  BUT! I felt amazing the next day. Stronger than I have in months.  There is power in sweat-inducing exercise.
  3. Forgive yourself.  We are our own worst critics.  “I should have…”, “Why didn’t I…”, “If only I…”. No one is perfect. Mistakes happen. Take a minute and tell yourself that it’s ok, you did your best with the knowledge you had at the time.

That’s it.  Three easy ones this week.  Have a safe and happy weekend everyone.

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